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To reserve a private game give us a call or send us an email for available dates... 

For rates on private games, click on Group Rates above, a deposit is required for private games (deposit is non-refundable ... if extreme weather is present we will re-schedule)

Organizers ,  It is a fact that when you start organizing a paintball event , you will have many people excited about playing , but when it comes right down to a couple of days before , or the day of , you will have many back out for many different reasons. I guarantee it , we have found that if you get the money from them , before the event for the deposit , and let them know that its no-refundable , they will show up, and save you many headaches.

Birthday party organizers , We understand that a paintball birthday party can typically cost more than your average birthday party. To help with the cost we have had birthday parties that the birthday person has asked not for gifts, but for $10 dollars from each guest to help pay for cost of playing.