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Frequently Asked Questions


Paintball is an exciting game, basically two teams start at flag stations, their objective is to capture the other team's flag and return it to their starting flag station to win. We have several game variations that we play. During the game players attempt to eliminate opposing team members by marking them with a liquid-filled projectile which (usually) breaks on impact. This projectile or paintball (where the game gets its name, but contains no paint) Is fired from a CO2 powered air gun, which is set at a safe velocity, so as not to injure players. 


Statistically paintball is one of the safest sports in the world. According to insurance and medical statistics, paintball is safer than bowling. The reason for this is that players MUST wear the proper protection and Must adjust their paint guns to proper speed limits . We have frequent speed checks on our field . Paintball guns can shoot in excess of 400 fps , but goggles are only rated at 300 fps. Our field speed limit is 270 fps.


No, We are a Field Paint Only Field.


Paintballs have a shelf life. The older they get, the harder they get. Unfortunately large retail stores buy their paint in massive bulk quantities for the best price. So you never know how fresh it really is. Some can be years old. We get frequent shipments from the manufacturer  to insure we have fresh paint. Fresh paint will break on your target and lessen the impact on you when you are the person getting shot. We get fax and email specials all the time for older paint at huge discounts, even the brands we use.  But these are older cases the manufacturer is trying to get rid of. We tried it once and had one of our groups experience cuts and nastier than normal welts. We will not do that again because its not worth it and most people don't usually enjoy the pain. This is not to say you will not feel any pain or not get a welt at our facility. You still have close shots, hits to bare skin, or sensitive areas that can hurt or leave a welt. Usually everyone has a great time. We want you to come back, not scare you from ever playing again. You will hear horror stories of paintball wounds, which are usually caused by old paint and unsafe speeds. Its like shooting rocks at each other. Many of our first time players are so worried about getting hit, until they actually do get hit. Then they say that it wasn't bad at all. I think its one reason why we get younger girls to grandmothers trying paintball and loving it. We do make a small amount of money our paint, but that's not our main reason for which you cannot bring your own paint. If money was our primary concern we would be buying the half-price-rock-hard-paint.  But we are more concerned with your safety and helping the growth of paintball (the sport we love so much!)  Its too bad you couldn't purchase the paintballs that would be shot at you, because people would be a bit more selective and not all about the price.


Most of the time No , sometimes if you get shot at close range and/or on bare skin , it can sting and leave a bruise. People say it like being snapped with a wet towel or a bee sting. Due to the adrenaline rush, your more upset about being out of the current game than any pain that you feel. We've had many players including girls , come off the field after being hit for the first time and say that it didn't hurt at all , or that they thought a bee sting hurts much worse. They key is fresh paint, that breaks after hitting you. Read question "why can't we bring our own paint?" above for more information.


Yes , paintballs are non-toxic and water soluble. If left on lighter clothing for a period of weeks, it will stain.


To speed up registration you can download the insurance waiver form (Which every player must sign to play, and if your under 18 you must have a parental signature on it. also under 16 players must have a medical release form signed) All forms are located on our forms page.

Clothes you don't mind getting dirty and sweaty , and are suitable for the weather conditions of the day. Loose clothing is said to lessen the impact of a hit . We have Camo Shirts and chest/back protectors available for rent. On our woods courses camouflage can help conceal your location. We suggest that you cover all exposed skin (long sleeves and pants) A bandana for the neck area . A baseball cap worn backwards can also help protect the back of your head, and also help your paintball mask fit tighter. Proper foot wear, our fields can be muddy at times, most of our fields are in the woods. Sandals or flip flops are not recommended.