Cancelled for 2017
Click for Directions (607)432-7465        134 Forest Way, Otego NY  13825


You are NOT shot at ....You Shoot Live Zombies with Glow in the Dark Paintballs.....Repeat You  are NOT shot at......

  Warning Extreme Fun !!!

Cancelled for 2017 :(

 we are having a Zombie paintball shoot. You will be positioned on the 2nd floor of Fort Adrenaline in front of a mounted paintball gun filled with glow in the dark Paintballs. Your mission will be to help us rid the area of these Hybrid Zombies. You will NOT be shot at, the Zombies will be lured out of their lair and you will attempt to shoot them. Fun for the whole family

Prices: $10 for 100 paintballs or $17 for 200 paintballs

If extreme Weather is present ( Lots of Rain, Snow, Tsunami ) event for that evening will be cancelled.

We are  looking for volunteers for  the Zombie Shoot :

If you are interested in volunteering please send us an email or call us or 607-432-7465